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Module 9 Creating Inclusive Classrooms

This module is about how teachers and teacher aides can work together to create learning environments that include all students.

Workshop resources

The resources for this module come in different formats. These are:

  • e-workbook
  • narrated presentation
  • PDF version of the workbook
  • PowerPoint presentation.


The e-workbook guides teachers and teacher aides through this topic. It has engaging and interactive content.

There are embedded videos and links to activity sheets in Google Docs format that you can print, download as Word documents or copy to your own Google Drive for working online.

Go to the Module 9 e-workbook.

9 Creating Inclusive Classrooms cover image

In the e-workbook, you can watch a presentation about creating inclusive classrooms where all students are as independent as possible, connected to others and self-determining in their everyday decisions.

Josh, who brings lived experience as a recipient of teacher aide support, narrates the video.

By occasionally pressing pause to think and reflect, you will make the most of the presentation.

PDF workbook

Creating Inclusive classrooms Module 9 Workbook cover image

As an alternative to the e-workbook, you can download and print the workbook for this module.

Module 9 Workbook | Creating Inclusive Classrooms (PDF, 3 MB)


Module 9 Presentation | Creating Inclusive Classrooms (PowerPoint 2007, 4 MB)

Creating Inclusive classroom Module 9 Presentation cover image

As an alternative to the narrated presentation, you can download the PowerPoint presentation for this module.

Narrated presentation

Watch the narrated presentation.

M9 Inclusive classrooms from Ministry of Education on Vimeo.


Transcript Module 9_Creating inclusive classrooms (Word 2007, 28 KB)

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